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Discuss or post photos or images of drawings, paintings, sculptures or other art.

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By bitsnpcs
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Meditator I did not paint, only I manipulate> make to outline only>add digital drawing fixes to original drawing (draw ears, add blusher to face in same style of drawing) >then did colour it in all new colours.
Rest of wallpaper (best viewed at full size 1024x768) I did do, make gradient layer first time use that, make stars with pencils, and digital paint all of picture using 1 brush only (scatter brush).
Dangling plant above head I use a stamp tool and only did choose colors and organize into shape.

Theory, she meditate in a nature, and not polluted sky, impression style of nature (herbs, rocks, alpines, woodlands, marsh)
I called it, pepper, like she hold.


It is halloween banner I did do for competition.
I did not draw skull, bat, and spider, I use stamp of single of that and arrange that into group.
I did draw all of the background.
I did on finished just add on to that name of site and text.
It was 1 of the banner staff decide to displayed at the rolling hourly changes at site, for 7 days coming to Halloween.


Here it is my Linux wallpaper, it is manipulation> I use standard image of buddha> I make it to outline only> I edit that for robes, I use a filters> add a Linux distro text at core of torso.
I made few version of this at wallpapers, each different fonts, some have the big text at across background.


Here it is that warrior I made before I add at wallpapers above, at full size. For if you like improve it and then add to make you own wallpapers.


Here it is my first try digital make-up, also I did color her eyes.


Here I add her face into photo (open source) of graffiti girl in London Subway, I called this> Lost in London

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