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By Nancy
I wanted to be sure these were the "real deal" before posting pics since I'm new to pollinating Heliamphora flowers and wasn't sure what to look for. Out of (5) mature plants that flowered, I was only able to collect pollen from 3. The other 2 plants, an Angasima and het x hybrid (unknown) simply refused to give up their pollen so those were a bust-this time that is ;)

Here's what I have so far;
H. het x minor x self
het x minor.JPG
het x minor.JPG (66.38 KiB) Viewed 1646 times

H. het x ionasi x self
het x ionasi.JPG
het x ionasi.JPG (54.47 KiB) Viewed 1646 times

H. nutans "Giant" x self
giant nutans.JPG
giant nutans.JPG (65.89 KiB) Viewed 1646 times

If all goes as planned, these should be ripe in another month.
I'm giving full credit to Snapperhead's tutorial on how he pollinates Heliamphora's. I must have read that thread at least a half a dozen times lol. KUDOS to you John and a huge thank you!
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By katya_dog1
You'll get a lot of seeds from those. Great job!
By Nancy
Congrats! I've only successfully pollinated a Heliamphora one time. It's definitely challenging, so I'm happy for you and your great success! :)

Matt it is and it boils down to babysitting the plant. I'm not sure what bugs my family more, the tuning fork or the time I spend checking to see if the female receptor is ready. :lol:

I always say "it's a plant addict wouldn't understand" :lol:
By Nancy
A few days ago I started noticing a change in color and appearance on the first seed pod on my H. het x minor. Today it's showing signs of splitting.

H. het x minor pod.png
H. het x minor pod.png (612.08 KiB) Viewed 1310 times

The mother plant has one more pod still maturing. I'm going to be glad once it's ripe so I can divide/repot. Check out the root that is looking for a place to settle down (and can't find lol)

DSC02885.JPG (143.86 KiB) Viewed 1305 times
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