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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By BrunoL
Yes, Leathal_Traps, you may. I'm trying to get everything organized here so I'll send you, along with everybody else, a pm later. Thanks!
By SEWinans
Wow, that's terrible, Sarah. I'm sorry you had to go through that (including the paypal issue). So, the main problem with the paperwork was that it was good for a specific amount of time and it expired? Could you elaborate on that please? What should I do in this situation?
Edit- Can you pm me your entire process with the USDA inspection and all? I'd certainly like to know how you did it and,possibly, what you could have done better. Thanks!

Honestly I've put this out of my mind so long I don't remember every detail. I'll revisit the USDA website in a minute here.

It was paperwork issued by carnivoresandmore that had expired. I think it was the phyto and there is literally nothing that could have been done to prevent that from happening.... No one expected the plants to be in transit for that long. Carnivoresandmore waited until the last minute to apply for the phyto so they did everything correctly too. Really it comes down to luck... We were unlucky in that the plants were in transit longer than the phyto was good for and we were lucky that the manager at the USDA inspection station was expecting our package and was kind to us.
Yes, Leathal_Traps, you may. I'm trying to get everything organized here so I'll send you, along with everybody else, a pm later. Thanks!

Great. I just checked out their website and there are tons of plants I would love to order. Take your time organizing everything, no one wants things to go wrong.
Just a quick question: has anyone participating in the group order ordered from CZplants before?

I have

What are your thoughts? I have read some talk about CZPlants having mislabeled Nepenthes, but the posts were old, so I'm hoping that those events are ancient history now.

My first order, half the stuff came in one shipment and a few items arrived DOA. I emailed them and was assured the other half would arrive next (as well as replacements). I was super impressed with the first plants. They were very nice. The replacement batch wasn't as great.

My second order, I was...underwhelmed. I believe it's been said elsewhere, but CZ appears to buy plants from AW and some other TC places, grow them out a bit, and sell them off. This second order was basically the same as getting plants directly from AW. Very small, not really impressive.

Honestly, I think it had to do with supply/demand. They have a lot more in stock and with some more growth in the spring than later summer/fall. My guess is that they were trying to replace plants faster than they expected.

I didn't encounter any mislabeled Neps, and my orders were almost all Neps.
By Nancy
Yay, adentate is like a better looking colliquue(or however you spell that)
Also, usually in europe, flytrap cultivars are cheaper. With the exception of FTS, The collique is almost HALF the price of the ones at cz plants, and the wacky traps is AT LEAST $15 cheaper. Buy at FTS, guys!

CZ Plants Heli prices are higher than Wistuba's too......think I'm going to hold off on ordering any Heli's from CZ.
Unless someone here who has received Heli's from CZ plants can say that what they received were good sized and healthy?
By BrunoL
Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't had time to post a quick update. Life is busy as usually, a lot of stress from school (especially homework, ugh :cry: ), social life and the whole situation in the CP Suppliers section. I'll get over it. :lol: Now, about the group order....

Everything seems to be doing just fine. I think I have researched the whole import permit ordeal (with SEWinan's help :mrgreen: ) enough that I now am prepared to apply. However, I have not yet applied because I may or may not be moving to the West Coast in the next few months. (mostly may). Therefore, the whole group order is going to have to be delayed for quite some time. I'm sure that this news is quite disappointing as many of you were indeed eager to get some new plants. Unfortunately, if I tried to apply now, get the permits, move, then reapply and, well, start the whole process again with the stresses of moving, I probably won't be able to handle it.

Luckily, when I am settled in, I'll start working immediately on restarting the group order (unless another one springs up). I'm sure the application and approval for import permits is quite fast, but I'd like to take my time organizing the order, as I don't want a similar dilemma that Sarah had to encounter. I may actually consider ordering from carnivoresandmore, but that is only a wild fantasy. We will have to see....

Anyways, I hope that many, if not all, of you would still like to participate in this group order, just later on. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I look forward to continuing the order!


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