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List the plants you grow

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By New Sponge
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First off what got me interested in plants was cycads and how much I can't afford them, ha! My favorite isn't all that rare but one of the most beautiful. Encephalartos longifolius "jubertina"
The jubertina part is just a leaf form. I have around 40 different cycads and although I love them I've kinda moved on from collecting them and just enjoy what I have.
Second I love growing chile peppers! Serrano's are my favorite but I like to hybridize them with others. Currently I'm experimenting with some Carolina reaper seeds I bought on line. (They are treacherous) Phweeeew hot!
Then comes capers, last and for sure not least but other than cuttings they are an absolute bugger to grow.

As of late I have become interested in tissue culturing, I find it very interesting and want to learn more about it for a hobby.

Thanks for reading!

New Sponge.
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