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I live in the north of the UK
I have 30+ 2 year old sarracenia seedlings which were housed inside for 2 year with. 240 watt white light on for 24 hours a day. Going to house them out side in cold frame. Christmas day.. weather constant rain. Plants have been harding of for 1 month. No frost yet would there be ok
Hi neville3970

I have several VFTs outside in bogs all year round and have done for many many years now, they survive our UK winters OK, so a cold frame would be fine for them. The only concern I would have us the acclimatisation as they have only had a month to go from no need for any resistance to cold and having full light, to chilly dark weather. Having said that the winter has been so mild so far that I guess you haven't seen too much of a change, and if you have had the leaves going black that should be the plants acclimating.
They should be fine in the cold frame.

Good luck

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