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By Andrew9087
I've read many good reviews about cz plants and i decided to put in an order through their e-shop. He sent my two conformation emails after i paid him about 2 weeks ago and it said he would get papers and ship my plants in 3-5 days time. But it has been longer and i emailed him but he hasnt answered. Has this happened to anyone else that has ordered from him? And how long will it take?
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By Cory
Gotta be patient with overseas shipments.

Sometimes a long time had passed before you will hear anything
By TisDro
I've purchased plants from and it took about a month for me to receive my plants. In order for them to send you your plants they need some type of inspector to pass by and give the ok on the plants being shipped to make sure they do not have bugs or anything dangerous(I guess) I would just be patient. I told the seller o was going to file a claim since i have not recieved an update on my order and he gave me tracking number showing it shipped out a few days prior.He had forgot to send me in it.
By bugfood
Did you order a tissue culture? The website says they need an extra 2 weeks to prepare them before shipping. I placed 2 separate orders with them this year and got both in a timely manner (my last order was received last week <2 weeks of placing it, my first had a tc and took a bit longer). They were also pretty fast replying to me via email when I had questions.

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By Andrew9087
I got a nepenthes robcantelyi and a hamata. So yes they are from tc. I placed the order on august 3.
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By Shadowtski
I have to post a very positive review for CZ plants. I've ordered seeds from him several times with no problems. There is always a tracking number to follow your shipment. My last order was lost by the US post Office. It shipped on April 20th. It cleared customs and left a certain Post office May 1st and disappeared. One month after shipping, it still had not arrived.

I contacted CZ Plants and he shipped a replacement order on May 25th.

I contacted the USPS and filed a complaint and investigation request. The package was retrieved from somewhere and delivered June 1st, one month after it left the last known location. There was no damage to the package, no reason or explanation for the delay. 6 weeks from shipping to limbo to arrival.

The replacement package, shipped May 25th, arrived one day later than the original on June 2nd.

I contacted CZ Plants and offered to pay for the replacement order since the problem was not his fault. He declined to bill me for the 2nd shipment. He was courteous and professional every step of the way. I recommend his company highly.

Good growing,
By jrromero6926
Wow, I ordered my plants 7/1 and nothing I received an email that he received the payment and that he would be shipping the following week and I've been trying to email and call various times and nothing. The same that happened to you is happening to me. Let me know if anything changes Please I'm beginning to think that I've been taken for a ride and my order was for more than $200.

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By 1 Novice gardener
I live in India and want to order a couple of plants from them, is it necessary to get phytosanitary certificate from them? If yes them what is it's cost?

Vibhuti Shyam
By jwalker
I got screwed my last shipment from czplants shortedvme a pack of seeds and couldn't even respond to my email. I was even going to order more seeds it's been weeks with no response. I can't say I recommend this vendor anymore I've had a bunch of orders from him but he has never emailed me back not one time.
By mokigarden
I've also been severely burned by czplants, and will consistently vocalize my poor experience with them.

There's a chance you wont get your items, customer service is terrible, and even when they do eventually respond nothing will be resolved. The items that do arrive are of inconsistent quality. Some are downright terribly packaged.

tl;dr czplants is bad news.
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By Maiden
Many of my plants are from CZplants. I ordered many times and everything was perfect. Perfectly healthy plants and very well packed. They add some bonus sometimes also.
And Vasek reply to my email very fast.

So im very sorry for your bad experience guys, i know it can be very frustrating.

....but try to be a lil bit more patient before blasting a nursery publicly.
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By Maiden
1 Novice gardener wrote:I live in India and want to order a couple of plants from them, is it necessary to get phytosanitary certificate from them? If yes them what is it's cost?

Vibhuti Shyam
Just ask them directly, you have some info on their website also.
By jwalker
I've been happy with everything I've gotten from them. He just forgot a pack of seeds I emailed him about it 2 weeks ago and I get no response at all. Why do you guys think he is ignoring me.
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