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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By Jds197
I also heard that Wistuba plants aren't hardened off from the TC process so that you have to acclimate the plants to lower humidity gradually. Anyone have any info on that? This will be my first Wistuba order.

There are some threads floating around about how to do this, unfortunately I couldn't find any of them. From what I understand, most people bag the plants after potting and slowly cut larger and larger holes in the bag. Problem is keeping them cool (if buying highlanders). Personally I'll have my new terrarium and humidifier w/ controller up and running by then, I'm just going to blast them with 100% humidity for a few weeks and then slowly start to bring it down.
By katya_dog1
It depends on the scarcity of the plant. The more expensive they are, the smaller and more fragile they'll be, because obviously the more expensive ones are going to be put up as soon as possible because they will make Andreas more money than the less rare ones.

Regardless, you want to be careful hardening them off. Nothing is worse than paying a lot for a plant and forgetting to bag it and having it whither away.
By BrunoL
The order has officially been continued! Details have been sent to those who were interested. So far, 10 people have joined the order. If you include me, the price for shipping is $5 per person!
By katya_dog1
You know, regardless of what I think about group orders, I'm going to join this one for a couple of cheap plants.

$5 shipping is just too good. ;)
By Eric
Tempting.. but I think I'll wait for the order. :-) Before the site went down it had some robcantleyi x hamata that I want to pick up.

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By Jds197
Quick question to those who have ordered from here before. I know that Wistuba can sometimes take anywhere from a month to three months to ship out, at least during the spring. If that's the case now, that would put the order possibly arriving in November/December just as winter is ramping up for us northern growers. Should the plants still be safe after being shipped from Europe to BrunoL, and from BrunoL to us? (not doubting BrunoL or Wistuba's packaging and care, more the weather)
By BrunoL
I'm sure the plants will do just fine when they arrive here. Arizona is decently moderate in regard to temperature during the winter so there is no chance they could die of heat or cold stress. When I ship the plants to you, I'll make sure to give you the option to have a heat pack included. When I was part of the recent group order with Charlie, my macrophyllas spent a few hours in a superheated mailbox and they still survived. I bet the plants can handle cold temps as long as there is a heat pack included.

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