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By WolframOmega
If I wanted to order a N. aristolochioides, the only available aristo would be the new location, which is 40 euros. However, would it be possible to delete that from the order and replace it with the 25 euro one if it became available?
By BrunoL
Maybe....I'm not sure if Wistuba would allow it. The only way to make a single item cancellation would be to email Andreas Wistuba. Unfortunately, he rarely answers emails. I think the best course of action would be to wait until he updates. He hasn't left for his trip yet (he leaves mid-July) so there is a chance for him to update soon. If he does not update before he leaves you have two options:
1.) Purchase the new location
2.) Wait until he updates near September (which by then, the main order would have been made and order additions will be possible)
By BrunoL
Those who were interested in the order were pmed. If anybody else wants to join, post here and I'll send you a pm.
By BrunoL
Just as a reminder, the plant lists for Wistuba are due today. So far 5 people have pmed me their lists. Let's try to bring the amount of people joining to 8!
By BrunoL
Did you get mine?

Yes, I did.
By BrunoL
The total sum for everybody's order must be recieved by July 20th. The order will be placed on the 21st. Only 4 days left!
By BrunoL
The order has been delayed until September.
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