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By keegan
I germinated some tokaiensis seeds in January. As of now the largest seedlings are around 3-4mm in diameter. Is this slow growth normal? or is there a way to increase their size.
I have them covered in plastic wrap to give them full humidity. And they are 6 inches away from artificial lighting, about 8-12 hours of photoperiod.
By David F
Tokaiensis? They should be putting on some fair size.

Could you provide more information, specifically medium, watering, and the type of light they are getting; for instance 6 inches away from a High output light is sufficient while 6 away from a t8 or t12 is probably too far.

This hybrid will put on size whether you feed it or not, so I'm guessing it's a lighting issue and you may want to decrease humidity slowly per roarke's suggestion and bring them closer to the light.
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By keegan
They are growing in pure LFS moss, i water them by tray method once every few days, because the high humidity wouldn't let them dry anyways. light source is a 32W CFL bulb.
I haven't fed them yet since they are really small.
By David F
Any updates? If it were me I'd give them more light, mine seem to respond really well to that.
By David F
It's fairly warm for them, but letting out the humidity slowly will cool them as well. Have you made any attempts to move them closer to the light?
By 1998sn95gt88
you could move the plants closer to the light if you wish but, keep an eye out for the temp...and remember to read the temp from the top of your plants not at the middle or bottom...could even be as high as a 10 degree F difference. in my greenhouse i have it about 82-85degrees F and all my plants do fine,,, i will turn on my humidifier nd the temp will drop to about 80-82

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