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By Drone232
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The weather is starting to warm up here in Alabama and the temperature is getting lukewarm. I have two containers of various tropical Drosera (my first seed growns) and my question is when it would be fine to place them outside. The temperatures right now are generally 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit in the day time and 30-40 Fahrenheit in the night time. I feel like they want to get outside as soon as possible because they have been flowering profusely and have only gotten fish food for meals and not regularly. Same question for my Sarracenia seedlings, although I think I can place then outside whenever since their temperate. They also probably want real food too, I don't feed them because their so small (their only a few months old).
By Ras
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still a bit early. I'm in GrowZone 9a and I wait until mid -late march and sometimes even april. the nights can still get pretty cold. that being said warm temperates like binata, brevifolia, capilaris and so on would be fine right now outdoors they just might not grow as fast. same with subtropicals.
from the looks of it you have all subtropicals?
capensis, snyderi, spatulata and or tokaiensis will all be fine, burmannii you might want to wait on. not sure if I missed one
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By jpappy789
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Is it at least consistently above freezing?

From what I've seen, capensis may go dormant if the temps dip too low below 40F. I'm not sure if the other subtropicals will survive freezing temps but they could die back to the roots and re-grow from near there. As mentioned, borderline temperate/subtropical species like capillaris and tokaeinsis might be fine.

Personally, I'd stay safe and wait a bit. Even with my temperates I'm a wuss and take them inside for the very few nights we get below freezing. ;)
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By Ras
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Joined:  Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:57 am
probably a good call to just wait, for some reason I was thinking freezing was 20s , derp . they are fine on fish food over insects, and the cold will either stop/ slow their growth by alot as I mentioned earlier, or like above post mentioned they will go dormant or die.
unless you dont mind bringing them inside at night it probably is best to just leave them indoors till march- april
By Drone232
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I have placed them all outside today, including my Sarracenia seedlings, but excluding my Nepenthes miranda. The temperature is not supposed to go below 50 degree fahrenheight so I believe they will be fine. Plus, I no longer need to worry about my cat eating my sundews. She ate three flower stalks over the winter.
By Drone232
Posts:  211
Joined:  Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:02 pm
I wasn't paying attention to the weather forecasts and it seems that the weather went below 40 degrees Fahrenheight over last weekend. This explains why nearly all of my tropical sundews, including the cape sundews, seem to have died. I will wait a week to see if they grow back, but almost all of their color is gone and only one sundew is green. I will identify the green sundew later. It is tiny with spoon shaped leaves on inch long stalks. I've decided I may just concentrate on carnivorous plants I can confidantly grow outside year around.
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