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By Demonaea
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Joined:  Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:45 pm
Hi, my name is Josh and I'm brand new to the forums. Like most of us I probably owned 3-4 of these plants from the local supermarket or hardware store and watched them die and one day googled more about them before becoming interested and learning proper care and wishing to grow many more. I've currently got about 30 plants growing and many many seedlings working their way up. I'm interested in growing as many as I can and growing as many seedlings as possible. I have a little aquarium set up under fluorescent grow lights, and a sunny windowsill. the plan is to start seedlings under the lights, and possibly extend the growing seasons of my grown plants with the lights as well (I'm from NJ our winters are just a tad too long and harsh.) Not sure what else to say other than I hope to learn as much as possible about these amazing plants and different ways to grow and care for them. And of course to trade with others too.

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