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By HeliamphoraWalnut
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Joined:  Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:10 am
Purperea(I dont know how to spell) :lol: DEAD
Sarracenia 'leah Wilkerson' DEAD
Sarracenia 'Alucard' DEAD
Sarracenia Oreophilia 'sand mountain' DEAD

Sarracenia (Adrian Slack x Sarracenia Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White)
Sarracenia Oreophilia x jonesii
Sarracenia random hybrid. x2 DEAD
Sarracenia minor okee giant DEAD
Sarracenia "Best Clone L x rubricorpora" DEAD
Sarracenia random Hybrid DEAD
Sarracenia Alata DEAD
Sarracenia Leucophylla tarnok DEAD
Sarracenia rubra x leucophylla DEAD
Sarracenia Daina's Delight DEAD
Sarracenia judith hindle DEAD
Sartacenia cateshbi

Sarracenia leucophylla "hurricane creek white" x minor "okee giant"
Dioneae DEAD
Triton DEAD
Korean Melody Shark( My dog Ate it.)
UK Sawtooth II
King Henry DEAD

x Ventrata x3
Nepenthes spathulata x spectablisi
Nepenthes Ventricosa
Nepenthes maxima DEAD
Nepenthes spectabilisis DEAD
Nepenthes Miranda DEAD

Nepenthes singalana 'Belirang'
Nepenthes BE Species 1
Nepenthes insignis x ventricosa
Nepenthes elaborative koto
Nepenthes x Dyeriana DEAD
nepenthes bical. DEAD

Ping. primuliforia DEAD
Drosera capensis
Drosera Multifida
Drosera finlaysoniana
Heliamphora minor big orange DEAD
cephalotus follicarus x6
Cephalotus 'Coal Mine Beach'
Urticularia tricolor DEAD
Utriculaira reniformis small cold hardy form DEAD
Urticularia reniformis large form DEAD
Urticularia nelumbifolia DEAD
Urticularia pubescens DEAD
Urticularia humboltii DEAD
Urticularia livid a DEAD
Urticulaira quelchii DEAD
Urticulaira livida DEAD

Drosera hookerei
Drosera scorpoides
Drosophyllum lusitanicum
Unknown Urticulaira
Utricularia vulgaris
Utricularia gibba
Heliamphora heterdoxa x ionasii x4
Coming Soon/Want
Nepenthes inermis
Nepenthes izumiae
Sarracenia Psit.
Baby seedlings
Dozens of baby Sarracenia minor DEAD

Drosera capensis
A couple of baby nepenthes ventricosa
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By HeliamphoraWalnut
Posts:  1754
Joined:  Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:10 am
Thanks, goodkoalie!

It tried to auto Correct your name into voodo aloe
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By Goodkoalie
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Joined:  Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:48 am
HeliamphoraWalnut wrote:Thanks, goodkoalie!

It tried to auto Correct your name into voodo aloe
LOL. My name has been auto corrected :D as so many things.

I suck lol... Maybe next month.

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