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By Goodkoalie
Hello everyone. When I brought my s. Rubra gulfensis inside to trim, label, and inspect for pests, I noticed that one growing point is growing a flower. At the time I thought it was just a kre fall/winter flower until I inspected the plant further. After cutting back the leaves, the plant is growing 5 new pitchers and three flowers coming out of the growing point. This plant has always been one of the first to flower and open but never this early. I went outside and checked on some others and found flowers on a purp purp, minor var. okee, and some Oreos. Looking at several others, the winter bud(what I call the sack that opens in spring where new leaves and flowers are) is starting to open. Is there anything I should do for them? I am keeping them outside now, hoping the colder weather will slow down the flower growth.

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Hello, I would no be to concerned about it. I grow many Sarracenia in the Phoenix area and sometimes they will start putting out a flower stalk. I usually just cut it off. If it's putting up some leaves, well, it knows what it wants or needs to do for its own growth. Just make sure it's in a full sun location and keep the soil moist. Your climate I would think is more Mediterranean so the plant is just responding as such. I would think in January it will close up for a month or two which is really all it needs. I have found it best to let them be as much as possible.

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