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By normando
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Joined:  Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:04 am
So is there any definite data or any approximations from reliable sources on the VFT cultivars with the largest traps? I know the B52 is probably still considered to have the largest traps of all the VFT cultivars but is this still true with all the "big leaved" cultivars out now and the one currently in development? Has there been any experiments or competitions or anything that prove that the B52 is still the conquistador of the giant flytraps? What is the official (if any) recorded size of the largest VFT? I know that the DCXL from FTS is apparently giving the B52 a run for its money but what about the up and coming 'Ginormous' from California Carnivores? Has this cultivar been around long enough to make accurate comparisons? When and how did the B52 cultivar become the standard to which all other big flytraps are compared? What was considered the biggest vft before the B52? what are the Parents of the B52? Has anyone done any observations of the B52, DCXL, Ginormous and or any other big leafed flytrap cultivars in their own collections? Hopfully with all the new cultivars claiming to dethrone the B52 currently in cultivation there will be that one outstanding specimen that actually does just that... grow beyond the size and scope of the famous and mighty B52.

FTS claims that DCXL is the contender for the "worlds largest traps" title, at the same time Damon from California Carnivores says that the newly recodnised cultivar 'Ginormous' grows traps that rival the B52 while being slightly more vigorous. Iguese only time will tell which one is the real contender and in the end I also guise it doesn't matter much since it seems mostly like hype created to market and sell more flytraps at higher prices. Either way, it works cuz i'm hooked on the BIG LEAFED FLYTRAPS!!!

If anyone has any Ginormous, Ginormous x B52, DCXL or B52 plants to trade or otherwise please pm me and lets make some deals!!!
By Kevonicus
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Joined:  Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:55 am
Great questions! hopefully Matt can shed some light on this, I was wondering some of these myself. Right now I have DCXL, Ginormous and B52, looking forward to seeing some overall size comparisons this next growing season. The new Ginormous x B52 looks promising as well, been debating about picking this one up. We need to see a DCXL x Ginormous, that just sounds beastly :)

I love cool traits on some of the smaller flytraps but it's hard not to LOVE the giants. Even if they just look like huge typicals, big traps are just too cool. Hope to make some crosses between these giants this spring!
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By Matt
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DC XL has the largest traps I've ever seen in person or in photos. B52 produces traps almost as large and is more consistent with its size throughout the year. DC XL tends to make its largest traps first thing in the spring and then they get smaller as the growing season progresses.

I haven't grown Ginormous long enough to comment. The one I have is still extremely small.
normando wrote:When and how did the B52 cultivar become the standard to which all other big flytraps are compared? What was considered the biggest vft before the B52? what are the Parents of the B52?
Most of those questions are answered here: ... -trap.html

And on that page, as in the official description, it states that traps on B52 can reach up to 2.25 inches in length. For the record, I've never seen traps that large on any plants we grow nor have I seen photos of traps that size anywhere on the internet, so I'm skeptical that traps can reach that size. They normally are between 1.75 and 1.85 inches at a maximum.
By henrylei72
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Joined:  Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:01 pm
After growing these large traps for a year in the Bay Area where the temp doesn't go below 30 for more than a couple of weeks in a year, I can say from my experience the winners are in these order: Ginormous (still large and traps are turning red inside) in November; B52 are growing fast, traps are turning red inside but the traps are a lot smaller than Ginormous; DC XL is growing fast but low with slightly smaller size traps than the B52 and it's producing at least 3 new plants from its roots and I can't shoot down this guy because spring and early summer is when this guy really takes off in growth; but the fastest growing VFT and relatively large traps is the Gremlin. In fact I will order a few more next year after February to add to my collection in the CP bog. The losers are the Home Depot VFT, which is slow growing and small. Even the two VFT I bought from the local nursery is a loser too, slow growing and small. One more VFT worth mentioning is the FTS Towering giant, this plant is growing very good. I am hoping this will be a large trap by next year. I have been growing this plant for 3 to 4 months only.
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