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List the plants you grow

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By Amac
Dionaea Muscipula

(1)Dionaea Muscipula "Dente"


(1)Drosera Spatulata or Spathulata Fraser Island Form (; I don't know which name it goes by ;)

Wish List

Dionaea Muscipula

Dionaea Muscipula "b52"


Drosera Rotundifolia

Drosera Purpurascens

Drosera Scorpioides

Drosera Paradoxa

Drosera Derbyensis

Drosera Stolonifera


I may get at least one of the drosera drom Australia when I go. ;]
By Caleboy 123
Nice list Armand, you must be really into sundews dude.
By Amac
Yeah I am I love the way they trap and kill the insects. They're so lethal.
By Caleboy 123
Yeah I am I love the way they trap and kill the insects. They're so lethal.

I know, right! :lol:
By Amac
Lol I can't wait to get some from Australia.
By Caleboy 123
Awesome! You should get a Binata.
By lemonlily
Very nice grow list and wish list. I want B52 as well. Am I saying it too much? Heh. I want!!!!
By theflytrapboy
i hope you get some sundews! im not a big fan of sundews, but dont you just love intermedia drosera? for some reason i have 10 of those, and not a single other sundew except for adealae (spelling?)
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