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By kevinqwe
i was on vacation for 5 days in YELLOWSTONE, WYOMING!!!!!
it is the best national park IN THE WORLD!!!
there is so much wildlife and scenery. like bison, goat, deer, moose, elk, wolves, ram, bears!, geysers, mud pots, mountains and so much more.
i didnt get a chance to see any rams, moose, pronghorns or mountain goats but it was still great!
i almost missed the flight back him!!!
if you ever thing about goin on vacation, go there!!
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By Matt
Sounds like you had a great trip Kevin! Glad to see you back and posting again.

My college roommate grew up just outside of the north entrance to Yellowstone NP, so I've been up there numerous times in the summer to do backpacking trips with him in and around Yellowstone. It really is an awesome place. It sounds like you love the area as much as I do. Happy to hear that your trip was awesome!
By Caleboy 123
Glad to have you back Aubrey.
By lemonlily
Welcome back!

It sounds like you had and awesome trip. Hehe, I wanna go! But... no moooney...
By Jutty_Boy
That's why we get jobs :p But nowadays money isn't spent for fun :( School ruins that for me (esp. books)

Business Majors ruin the money you make. . . haha last semester I had 4 books costing a total of 600$ and there was no way around it because of online projects that came with it. I am not looking forward to this semester. My guess is it will be around the same price.
By lemonlily
The stuff you have to buy for school does cost a lot. Do you buy the books or borrow and pay if you lose it?

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