? for all you flytrap pros

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? for all you flytrap pros

by Rmac88 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:18 am

I have a quick question for everyone out there, my three flytraps I saved from Lowes all tried sending up flower stalks earlier in the spring. Naturally I cut them all off so they wouldn't waste their energy, but it seems it may have been in vain. Just a few weeks after cutting the flower stalks, all three flytraps completely stalled their growth, and instead started dividing like mad. I count between 3 and 5 divisions on each plant. Meanwhile, not a single one of them has grown any new traps from the main "mother" plant, and all flies they catch seem to go to fertilizing the divisions instead. Is this a normal response to having flower stalks cut? And should I expect the "mothers" to die since they have not resumed growth and instead seem to be putting every ounce of their energy into the divisions? Thanks for the help :-)

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Re: ? for all you flytrap pros

by Matt » Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:05 pm

Often times the main rhizome of flytraps seems to die and begin growth on one or more sides of the rhizome after flowering. It seems as if flowering is the end of the life cycle for the main plant and it "dies" but then growth resumes anew. This is fairly common. Sometimes, if the flower stalks are cut off early enough, the plant may not do this, but in most cases it does seem to stall for a while before putting out lots of new growth.
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