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By Lrak
Hi all
New to the site and kinda new to keeping CPs.
I have had my VFT for about 2 years or so and this year it has gone mad, it is putting up flower stalks like no mans business. Is it too late to repot and as I am guessing it has more then one plant in the pot now, is it too late to separate the plants?
As I got this plant half dead and I have not really looked after it so far :cry: (soon to be changed) I would like to give it the best I can now and feel it Needs a bigger pot, I would also like to separate the plants if I can as I would like more and I am guessing that its better for the plant to have less plants in the pot.

Thanks in advance
By cyph3r_gfy
Is it too late to repot

I would personally wait until fall to repot. Bigger should mean taller, just as a point of clarification. Dionaea roots grow straight down.
By Lrak
Ok thank you that is great to know, I have the new pots ready to go and was going to get some potting medium at the weekend but I didn't want to do anything and kill the plants.

Thank you
By cyph3r_gfy
I didn't want to do anything and kill the plants.

I wouldn't worry about killing them unless you leave them uprooted for an extremely long time. The only real issue you should see after a repot, is a minor set back in growth. That's generally why people tend to perform it at the end of fall, or very early spring. I personally prefer the end of fall, because the plant has already slowed growth significantly.

Make sure you don't by anything that has been "enriched", and your media should be fine.
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By Cory
You could repot if you wanted to I just wouldn't divide them as of yet.
I would pull the entire clump of plant media and all and insert it into a larger pot and add more media around the existing to keep root disturbance to a minimum.
If done correctly you should experience very little if any setback

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By Lrak
thank you for the advice, so glad I joined this forum now.

Thank you again.

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