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By roarke
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I have the folowing drosera seeds to give in exchange for others :

D. capensis alba - 7 packets with 15 seeds (Closed)
D. affinis - 10 packets with 15 seeds - none left
D. glanduligera - 1 packet with 11 seeds - none left
D. burmannii - 11 packets with 15 seeds - none left

Looking for :

Any drosera pigmy seeds or gemae, drosera subtropical/tropical seeds that are not in the next list.

Not the following seeds :

D. capensis alba
D. burmannii
D. glanduligera
D. affinis
D. capensis red
D. tokaiensis
D. spatulata typical green form

I'm from Romania, city Iasi and the postal transport costs around 2 euro, priority mail with track and trace, so the seeds will get to you more quickly.
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