Another review

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Another review

by trooperkris » Mon May 19, 2014 5:14 am

I ordered an S. Rubra from about a week ago. If you remember, I mixed up the s. Rubra and the s. Flava in a post xD
I received the s. Rubra about 5 days after initial purchase, so I was pleased. The s.rubra I received was packaged and shipped well, and it's just a little baby. It was shipped in a 3 inch pit, and has lots of little baby pitchers standing at attention ;D

Overall, the price was not bad (about $10 bucks combined for the s. Rubra and shipping), so I would definitely buy from them again, unless the flytrapcare store has what I want in stock... xD
Alright, just like with my other reviews, I will post a picture of the container the plant was shipped in, and the plant after being unwrapped and unpackaged. Welcome to Kentucky, little guy c:
image.jpg this stuff... -_-
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