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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the UK or EU

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By NatchGreyes
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Hey Everyone:

I mentioned this in my giveaway post over on the US Sales, but I know not everyone checks all the sales pages, so I wanted to repost it here.

I wrote a book on Darlingtonia ( I'm happy to sign copies and add inscriptions and mail them anywhere. I've already sold a few in the UK and EU, but I figured I should advertise a little more. Generally, book + shipping is the equivalent of about $19 USD (11 Pounds, 13.50 Euros) for most of Europe, but I've only double checked for places that I've already mailed (UK, France, Germany). If anyone is interested in signed copies, PM me or shoot me an email (Natch.Greyes [at]

Copies are also available on Amazon, for those of you not interested in signed copies.


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