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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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My pitchers are flowering like crazy and some have already dropped petals and have produces pollen, I have never pollinated a plant to try and get seed but i would like to try and get seeds from the plant, I will search for info but if someone wants to tell me here I am more than happy to listen.




its very easy, just get some pollen on a tooth pick or i use a fine art brush , get some pollen on it, and brush over the the stigma witch are located at the inside the lower bell at the top tips of the lower bells, thees are the receptors there ,they need to be done as soon as the pollen drops into the lower bell as that tells you that this ready for pollination ,usually before the petals have fallen off ,it may be to late for this one , but try as see

this will help ... 1024%3B768

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