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By ThomasL
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I repott most of my Dionaea and there many plants of different forms available, and here is my Salelist of Dionaea for 2014.
-Akai Ryu M 7€
-Black Pearl M-L 8€
-Bristle tooth M 8€
-C.M. spotted M 17€
-Claytons volcanic red M 7€
-Crossed teeth M-L 6€
-Dracula (fake) L 10€
-G14 x G19 M-L 6€
-G16 M-L 5€
-Giant Peach M 7€
-Green Sawtooth M 7€
-Green Wizard M 12€
-Holland red M-L 7€
-Korean Melody Shark M 20€
-Kurze Zähne M 7€
-Moon trap M 17€
-Microdent M 8€
-Mirror M 17€
-Paradisia M 8€
-Petite Dragon M 7€
-Pink Venus M 7€
-Red Sawtooth M 7€
-Sawtooth UKII M-L 5€
-Schuppenstiel M 7€
-Shark teeth x Dentate M 7€
-SL021 (secret Tip) M 8€
-Spider M 6€
-Straubis Pink M 7€
-South west giant M 5€
-Trevs red Dentate M-L 12€
-Trichterfalle M 7€
-Triton M 20€
-Wacky trap M 12€
-Whale M-L 12€
-Weinrot M-L 7€
Shipping cost are about 4€, Paypal accept.
Send me a PM or Mail at Tulperich (@) if you are interested.

Bye Thomas
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