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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By sundewman
Posts:  291
Joined:  Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:21 am
Hey everyone,
I'm in need of some VFT seeds for a CP presentation I'm going to give a Iowa State University for a Biological Sciences club.
They don't even need to be viable, but if they are, and there are enough, we would also like to try starting some for a CP exhibit in one of the campus greenhouses.
In return, I can offer:
D. capensis (typical or 'Albino')- 500 seeds or so per packet, if wanted.
D. spatulata varieties- I won't be able to send these for a while, since I won't be home for another few months
D. capillaris- same story as the Spatulata...
D. anglica (Kanaele Bog, Kaua'i, Hawaii)- will only go to growers who have very good experience with Drosera, since these guys aren't too common at the moment, and I want to be sure they live! ;)

I prefer emails or pms.

Thanks for your help,
By sundewman
Posts:  291
Joined:  Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:21 am
no worries. Glad I could help you out with those seeds. PS. I forgot to mention to you that the "sp." in D. sp. "South Africa" stands for "species". They use this term for unpublished sundews that have been unclassified as of yet.

And as for D. regia, try asking around at cpuk forum and terraforums since occasionally growers will be willing to sell/trade a plant there. Unfortunately, I'm away from my collection for another 4 months, and then I will have to be gone again! Just another year and a half until I can finally settle down (hopefully)
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