Drosera gemmae winter offer

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Drosera gemmae winter offer

by bugman » Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:58 pm


The gemmae season is coming to a close so I am going to do a end of season offer.

The following varieties are on offer at 50p per variety offering 10 gemmae but please be prepared you may get more than 10 or a few less.

All varieties are limited so be prepared to select substitutions if I ask, so first come first served.

Postage is £1.50 which covers the cost of a padded envelope and zip lock bags.

Email me directly on highernewhamcarnivores@hotmail.co.uk

Occidentalis ssp australis
Occidentalis ssp Occidentalis
Occidentallis cape de grand
Pulcehlla red maroon
Pulchella big brook
Pulchella salmon flower
Pulchella Scotts river
Pulchella white flower red centre
Pygmaea all green
Pygmaea eastern state
Pygmaea kangaroo island
Pygmaea Sydney
Pygmaea Tasmania
Scorpioides albany
Scorpioides giant form gidgegannop
Scorpioides pink flower
Patens Marshall road
Dichrosepala fish track road

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Re: Drosera gemmae winter offer

by roarke » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:50 pm

What is 50p ?

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