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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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By SkyClan Cat
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This took a few minutes to figure out. I have a few plastic baskets like this (and one metal one). While the flytraps all fit perfectly in their basket, the one the cacti were in was way too big and the pots kept falling over (ESPECIALLY the Mammillaria spinosissima, the one with the longest spines... that'll be the first to be repotted next year!) when I'd move them to and from my improvised frost shelter.

Of course, I also would've been open to getting more plants just to fill in extra basket space, even if I'd still have to use two baskets that way. :lol:
IMG_3560.png (1023.32 KiB) Viewed 574 times
Still not totally sure what I'm doing with them when the temperatures start getting below freezing, but at least they're easier to carry.

IDs in order, excluding the flytraps because their species is obvious LOL

- Sarracenia rubra, Mammillaria spinosissima
- Mammillaria zeilmanniana, Gymnocalycium baldianum
- Sarracenia purpurea, Parodia leninghausii
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