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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the UK or EU

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By bugman
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A minimum of 10 gemmae will be provided in a zip lock bag with a bit of water.
£2.00 per variety unless otherwise state.
Postage cost £1.50 to UK and Europe only.
Payment via paypal to email this address if you wish to purchase

Current varieties available will add more as they produce gemmae.

Callistos Brookton
Helodes x Pulchella
Lake Badgerup
Nitidula ssp Nitidula
Nitidula x Pygmaea
Occidentatlis ssp Australis
Occidentalis Cape Le Grand
Omissa x Pulchella
Paleacea ssp Roseanna
Paleacea ssp Trichocaulis
Pulchella x Omissa white flower
Pygmaea All Green
Pygmaea Eastern State
Pygmaea Sydney
Pygmaea Tasmania
Scorpioides Giant Form Gidgegannop

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