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By buick231
looking for an alien flytrap or dracula if anybody has one. thanks brian
By Droseracloner314
Hey there my Alien recently divided so I have two now, the division is very small but very healthy. In a month or so it might be ready to sell so I can't help with an Alien just yet, but tomorrow I will be uprooting my Dracula because there is a noticeable division occurring and I think that would be healthy enough and mature enough to sell. I'll set up a pic tomorrow so you can see what I can offer you.
By buick231
Can you pm me a price thanks Brian.
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By Sander
Brian, try not to post your email adress on a public forum unless u want a lot of spam ^^ (botnets search the inet for email addresses to send spam to :p )
U can send someone a private message by pressing "pm" under their name left of their post.
By Droseracloner314
Any updates on alien divide?

So update on the Alien division, im pretty sure it will recooperate but iy had a few wilted traps from some severe heat and dry weather. I didnt get to it in time. The rhyzome is ok but a few traps died. It set it back a little but im sure it will come back ill keep you all posted. Poor little guy. :cry:
By buick231
That sucks. Thanks for getting back. I was looking at one at Cz extreme but its $96 shipped. Ouch
By buick231
I have a baby alien but I'm not sure if you you want a baby I also do have Dracula but I'm not sure if its dividing but I can check

Gotta start somewhere!! Any pictures? I have a Dracula now thanks
By Droseracloner314
any updates on alien. thanks

hey there, sorry for the delay! ill be sending an update on how my little Alien is doing. after some waiting I see a single trap emerging from the fried foliage. ill show a pic soon. its going to be awhile before its ready to be sold. its pretty upsetting. :x
By buick231
IMG_20130916_181507_666-1.jpg (339.18 KiB) Viewed 2114 times
Came today!!!!

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