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By WeXi
Posts:  52
Joined:  Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:46 pm
Can u help me ?
pls Pm when u have some plants avaible

Pinguicula albida
Pinguicula algida
Pinguicula antarctica
Pinguicula bissei
Pinguicula benedicta
Pinguicula casabitoana
Pinguicula chilensis
Pinguicula crenatiloba
Pinguicula crystallina, localized
Pinguicula elongata
Pinguicula emarginata white flower, Zacapoaxtla, Mex.
Pinguicula filifolia
Pinguicula greenwoodii
Pinguicula heterophylla
Pinguicula hirtiflora, localized
Pinguicula involuta
Pinguicula jaraguana
Pinguicula lignicola
Pinguicula martinezii
Pinguicula mesophytica
Pinguicula parvifolia
Pinguicula ramosa
Pinguicula stolonifera (orchidioides)
Pinguicula takakii
Pinguicula utricularioides
Pinguicula villosa
Other Europaean Pinguicula species, localized

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