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By carnivore_planter
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Joined:  Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:44 am
I am new to flytraps and so I was wondering what was the best watering method.I have been looking online lately and can not find a definite answer. The pot I have is small, about three inches tall. I have read things about being over saturated, but how would you control this using the tray method? Should I just go with top watering then? Also, for the humidity, should I just leave the plant in its pot as is or should I do something else for it? It is indoors under a 100 watt equivalent CFL and so I do not want to mist it. Lastly, how much light should I give it right off the bat with the light? It is completely green and was not in any direct light at the store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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By Cory
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The tray method will work just fine.
Make sure you use distilled water though. Tap water will kill your plant if the dissolved solids are to high
If you bought it at a department store make sure there are holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage. If so then set it in a little plastic tray and fill it part way full of water the soil mixture will wick up water as it needs it. When the water level in the tray drops fill it back up some. Whatever you do don't let the soil dry out .
Don't worry about humidity it's a non issue and I never mist any of my plants all you will do is falsely trip your traps and they use a lot of energy to close and could damage the traps causing premature trap death.
If it had a plastic top on it you will need to acclimate it to lower humidity over time or you could loose your plant from shock as well

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Seeds arrived thank you.

Seeds arrived thank you.

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