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By Godly
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Hello all its been quite a while since Ive been on here due to life has been distracted me heavily but I'm still growing CP's and have been just doing a bit of traveling and a bunch of researching. Onto the topic Im in need of a green house I live in MN which is zone 3b in hardiness. Price does not matter ATM was looking to spend around 10k if need be. Dimensions are about 6x10m and have about 2 stories (about 15feet) of height that can be utilized. Mainly just need help determining what type of materials I need. I was thinking galvanized steel for the frame with fiber glass sheets for frame covers. I was planning on using an rigid frame that would be a lean-to on the house. Have gas line and water hose that is in the same area so all that can be incorporated. It is in a west direction which is kinda not idea but I can supplement lighting with artificial light if need be. Also have several strong pumps that will be used to misting/watering. Just need intake/exhaust fans and a heating unit. Was considering using BTU's but that would take up a whole heck of space. Even just a quote or general idea of how much or what else I could be missing would be helpful.

Any ideas would be helpful I'm still extremely new to the subject and must do more research. Prefer not spending thousands of dollars talking to an "expert" which I was quoted at $500 an hour. Thank you in advance.
By Starchy
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If you don't care about money, I would use 16 mm (5/8") 5 wall polycarbonate as your covering. That will give you good R/U-values (R=insulation value, U=heat loss value).

I am no expert, but am also looking into an all-season GH and that is what I found to be the best (so far), but it is expensive. ... 12--39.htm

I don't know much about framing. For heat, I think a lot of people go with natural gas. Hope this helps!

Helpful links: ... nformation ... Greenhouse
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