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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the UK or EU

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By Grey
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Topic is closed for now due to health reasons. Please do not PM me about plants as I can't send them out.

Hello everyone,

I have a list of plants I'm looking to rehome; as I can't guarantee quality, size or health the costs are very low. The price for each individual plus postage is next to each category in the list, if looking to buy from multiple categories you'll have to pay the highest postage cost (postage is going up here so you're getting a fantastic deal). I'll give you a rundown of costs anyway before removing the items from the list, please PM me if you're interested. All plants will be sent bare root and I only accept payment via PayPal. Plants will be dispatched next Monday.


IMPORTANT: Remember that many of these plants are coming out of their winter rest periods/dormancies so they won't look in their full glory for a while. I will only be dispatching to the UK. I should have more plants for sale once these have gone, I'm having issues IDing some of my Pings and won't see exactly what is left until a large number of them have gone.


Dionaea Muscipula £1 each + £4 postage
Dionaea M. 'Typical' x4

Drosera £1 each + £4 postage
Drosera capensis x2 (it will either by typical or red)

Mexican Pinguicula £1 each + £3 postage
Pinguicula cyclosecta x1 (due to size these are 50p)

Seeds £1.50 each + £2 postage
Pinguicula grandiflora subsp. rosea x2
Pinguicula vulgaris (mix containing var. bicolour) x1
Pinguicula vulgaris (named location: between Ivalo and Inari, N. Finland) x1
By Grey
Posts:  3255
Joined:  Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:48 pm
Thank you to those who have show an interest so far. I'd like to clarify something by letting you know that the first batch of orders will go out on Monday. I want these plants gone so if you're interested but can't yet pay (or if Monday isn't a good dispatch day) let me know via PM and I'll see if we can come to an arrangement.
By gonzalli
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hi i am a friend of lee's.... i am hoping to buy your ping-weser's...please can u send me a picture and can you do 6 for £3+ another £3 postage = a payemant of £6

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