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By cbennett4041
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I have been trying t figure out how I am going t grow my first Darlingtonia when it gets here tomorrow. Here are some pictures of a preliminary setup I just made with stuff I had laying around. It pretty well expains itself, but the pump is an AC fountain pump and the orchid pot is a glazed ceramic. I figure I can add ice packs to the water on hot days.

My concerns are that the hose is automotive hosing. Though never used, I hope it wont exude nasties ovr time in water. Also, the pump is pretty old, so I might replace it with a solar powered one if it craps out.

I combined two ideas for this unit: the orchid pot and the water circulating cooler. Hre are the inks to those. ... yver-style ... 713&page=1

What say you?
By cbennett4041
...or this is my other option: just plant the Cobra in a cooler with lots of media around to help insulate.

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You see, I am torn. I heard the advice from my Terra Forum links above, and Steve's advice here (darlingtonia-t3970.html). I am tuck between what to do.

I am getting pretty good at the moist-not-wet approach to CPs, and according to Steve that is basically all that is need. Since Steve has never steered me (or anyone) wrong, I think I am trending toward his keep it simple advice.

What would you folks do?
By Dr GreenThumb
Yer I too am going with the moist not wet thing even letting the top inch of tow maybe dry slightly befor watering once my ants have settled into there new container.
I'm using a similar container for my VFTs and it's getting hot here in Spain but when I feel the souls it never feels warm, thd styrofoam realy helps to keep the heat out, also because it's not small it helps keep the heat balanced too.
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