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By SpeedyKJ
This is one of my Wally's, I potted this up in mid summer 2012 as a single crown and now look at it! It's has divided and clumped like crazy! And the color it's amazing.
I am having to part with it however, I just threw it on eBay. My collection is getting out of control and I need cash to pay for my wedding in October. No worries I have a few other equeally impressive Wally's to keep for my self.
image.jpg (87.33 KiB) Viewed 1637 times
image.jpg (91.56 KiB) Viewed 1637 times
By David F
Wow, that's an awesome flytrap!
By SpeedyKJ
I love how purple they get. I am considering doing a Wally x B52 cross.

Thanks! I imagine a Wally X B52 would produce a very interesting plant. Good luck!
By SpeedyKJ
Wow, I love the look of the plant.



It's getting lots of interest on eBay, I just hope it's new owner takes care of it. I really hate parting with it.

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