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Discussions about fluorescent, LED and other types of grow lighting for Venus Flytraps and other plants

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By tonyUK
I have been thinking for quite awhile about getting a grow light just for the winter months to help my seeds along & my
Plants that don't need a winter.

I have been searching on here and could not find my answer so thought I would ask here. I'm looking for a small grow light
That will cover about 5 small pots I don't have much room so can't be to big.
By tonyUK
I just did a search online and found some grow lights I like. They need to be able to grow about 5 small pots
What one do you think will be best for what I'm looking for I really don't no to much about grow lights and need all
The advice I can get. I'm hoping to find one that won't cost to much to run if possable.

1) ... um=Organic

(This is the one I like the most if this one is any good I might just order)
2) ... 7503319030

(Maybe 2 of these)
3) ... 9636311845

Will all the bulbs supplied with theses grow setups be ok to use Or wil I need to update then?
6500K (Blue) will be sufficient for you. The red spectrum is really used to promote flowering/fruiting. I would only recommend for plants that are a little tougher to flower/fruit such as pepper plants, or for plants that you are specifically trying to flower. That's not to say, your plants won't flower with a 6500K bulb. This is my opinion, of course.
By tonyUK
How high above my plants should I place my grow light. I got myself a set of rope ratchets to help me
Quickly adjust the height. Also do I have to keep adjusting the height or once the height is set that's where it stays..
By David F
Step 1. Go to walmart
Step 2. Buy the light setup and proper coloring (one bulb 4500k one bulb 6000-6500k)
Step 3. choose an appropriate size.
Step 4. plug in grow wonderful plants

*Edit, make sure its the 2' or 4' one (really cheap and works great)
Personally, I keep my florescents at about 12in/30cm to 18in/45cm above the tops of the plants. My bulbs are high output bulbs and there are 4 of them. I'm experimenting with adjusting height to simulate seasonal sun strength.
By tonyUK
Hi Im looking at getting a second grow light the one im looking at is 125w grow light bulb. How many pots of seeds would i be able to grow under this bulb. When my seeds are grown what is the most amount of pots i can have under the light at one time. Will i need to use a ballast on the grown light?

My last question is at the top of the Artificial Lighting forum so i thought it would be best to ask my question here.
if you're using florescent... no ballast, just the reflector. You're making me think you're talking about a Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulb.

For your quantity question, it is really about how many you can provide coverage for. My current setup (4ft florescent w/ 4 HO T5 bulbs), I put a couple 75 cell trays under it with nice coverage for starting seed in addition to my existing indoor plants (4 large pots w/ several plants in each). If i were to add more, I'd start to be concerned about light diffusion.
By tonyUK
The light i was talking about i do belive is a cfl grow light 125w would you need a ballast?

I only recived my Lightwave a couple of days ago so not had time to set it up. I have 9 plants and about 5 pots of seeds so i thought i would get a second light so i could spread them out more. When my plants get bigger im going to repot them in to bigger pots so need more room.

I have been looking at lots of diffrent grow lights and here is my second grow light. ... 19d78a8902

I dont have much room to spread my lights out so i bought myself a metal shelf so i can have one light above the other. More light & not much more room
taken up. Can i use tin foil to cover the sides of the shelfs to keep more light in?

When all my setup has arrived i will post some photos..
Can i use tin foil to cover the sides of the shelfs to keep more light in?

Foil or mylar sheets help to reduce diffusion, aiding in light coverage. I personally don't use any additional light reflection, but know many indoor growers that do.

The light i was talking about i do belive is a cfl grow light 125w would you need a ballast?

Really depends on the bulb. Many screw in CFLs today have the ballast built into the bulb and just need the correct socket to be used. If it's a 2 pin or 4 pin, you may need a ballast. The bulb specs should tell you whether or not the ballast is integrated or not.

A quote from "A CFL’s ballast helps "kick start" the CFL and then regulates the current once the electricity starts flowing."

Overall, I'd say you're planning well... keep up the good work. I don't have any experience with the sunblazers, so I can't comment on their quality and/or performance with any certainty.

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