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By sipecsus
so i have like 7 flower stalks on my dionea, three of them jsut rescently produced the flower stalks, but all the others produced flowers and closed up about a month and a half ago???? still no seeds???? they turned brown but thats it, is my plant gona produce seeds or should i cut them down nd plant them like a couple i did earlier in may???
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By Matt
If the seed pods didn't swell up, then it's likely that they weren't successfully pollinated. Did you grow them outside or inside? If you grew them inside, did you pollinate them?

It should only take about 3 weeks or so after flowering is done to get seeds.
By sipecsus
I grow my plants outside, be each stock produced from five to nine flowers. They slowly each closed up on their own so I just thought the bugs took care of the pollination??? They turned black nd it's been like more than a month be no seed, :( now they are turning a brownish color :(
By Siannuro
The same thing happened to me. :( I came up with the idea that even when the stigma becomes receptive you still have to continue pollinating the flower for a couple of days so it is successful. That is what I will try for next year. This year I just brushed the pollen once and it seemed like it was not enough, so will go with my idea there next year.
By sipecsus
that makes sense i saw the pics of how they should look , and i guess u guys r rite so i decided to chop the older ones down and stick in the peat with the other 4stalks i already have! :) but hopefully the last 3 stalks give me some seed! :o

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