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By BoothEatsBUGS
Well first off I bought a few sundews off a member here on the forum. I had the plants sent to my moms house for various reasons. Well long story short the dews ended up being locked in the mailbox (outside) for a few extra days. All the dews except the Adelae survived, or so I thought. Theyre coming back from death!


Also This little guy sprouted in my pot of D.tokaiensis x rotundiflora, I'm going to go ahead and assume it's not that species LOL

By ziko88
Yep sundews would do that. they are strong stubborn little things and that's part of why I love them. good job dude!
About the new guy. If you ever had any sundews you know they tend to flower a lot, and spread their seeds all over the place. I have D.Indica growing everywhere...
so it could be something really cool, a little free sampler for you
enjoy them!
happy holidays
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