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By snapperhead51
The N. lowii pitcher has now matured ,and getting great inside colour from the sun and with misting comes the exudate , this pitcher is producing very large amounts of the exudate . the pitcher is as large as the many I have seen in the wild so very happy about that too.
P1140840.JPG (117.06 KiB) Viewed 1480 times
P1140839.JPG (123.4 KiB) Viewed 1480 times
P1140838.JPG (123.5 KiB) Viewed 1480 times
By neplover101
Awesome plant, wish my Lowii was that big...... :)
Keep the updates coming.

Also, what in you opinion would be the best medium for my small lowii.

By snapperhead51
Here in AU grow all nep's in strait live sphag , if you cant get enough of it I have loads for sale here , you can add, some washed fine perlite and washed coco peat with it but only 10 % or 15 % of each no more
By neplover101
Ive already got a bucket out the back full of sphagnum, but thanks for the reply
By neplover101
Wow, what exactly is exudate?
can you eat it? :D

Apparantly exudate is actually edible!!! :o
By snapperhead51
yes its very sweet but really not a taste you could put your finger on , its mad up of fatty acid's or some sort , a friend is doing a paper on it at Finders uni here in Adelaide
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