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By venusofuk
Hi all

I would like to know if anyone has feed their VFT waxsworms or meal worms. Which would be the better food source, and the cost-efficient.
Here are the facts about my VFT I have got two of them the first one has got seven head, which four of the head are open. The second VFT has got 5 head with Three of the heads open.

I can buy waxworms online, you get 40 of them for £3.99.
If my VFT takes 5-10 to digest one what should I do if the remaining. If I leave them to long the waxworms will turn to moths.

Any suggestions are welcomed
By jwbates26
As mention you don't need to feed your plant. I know it can be fun but flytraps are just like any other plant and produce their energy though photosynthesis. Insects are kind of like a natural fertilizer beneficial but not necessary. You trap will actually become more colorful if you don't feed them and allow the traps to get as much light as possible without closing. So the most economical, cost efficient, plan would be to not buy anything and let them catch their own food. Even my house plants do a good job at catching flies, gnats and spiders.
By venusofuk
Thanks for your reply on the forum. The only thing is, i live in the uk. Most of the time it rains, and when it is sunny it is only sunny for a few day. I dont think it would catch it only flies it self.

Have you got any ideas.

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