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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By scorpio5569
I have been reading on how some of us are washing their peat before using it to pot CP's. I have a small collection of 27 CP's and have five more on the way and wanted to try and wash this batch of medium before I pot my new plants and if it seems to help them then next year when it is time to re-pot the others I will do it this way but I have no idea on how to wash peat, do I soak it in a container? for how long? and how do it extract it from the container it soaked in. I thought about getting some screen and securing it to a container and putting the peat on top and running water over it until it runs clean. Any suggestions?
By cyph3r_gfy
I've heard of using a pillow case, then soaking, mashing, rinsing, repeat... or something like that.

I'll look for the thread when I get home tonight, unless someone beats me to the punch.
By dantt99
Get one of those big buckets from Home Depot, or if you have a fair sized bucket, use that. I just fill it with safe water, dump a bunch of peat in there, let it sit overnight, and then drain it and use it. This is more of soaking than washing, and I mainly do it to soften up the dried clumps of peat.
I use the Sunshine Canadian Peat. It's good stuff, and probably doesn't need to be rinsed at all before use.
By scorpio5569
I have been using Premier Peat Moss, it is a product of Canada and have heard that canandian moss is pretty good but am still learning about medium, what to use and what not to use. The pillowcase sounds really good and easy to do, the bucket thing is what I have read but was unsure on how to remove the peat after it soaks but I have a good idea on how to do that. I will try them both on the new ones.

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