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Discussions about fluorescent, LED and other types of grow lighting for Venus Flytraps and other plants

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By Veronis
That's a little too open-ended. ;)

How much do you want to spend, thereabouts, and what size grow area do you want to be able to support?
By Veronis
You can light a 4-foot by 18-inch grow area (I grow about 50 or so flytraps under it) with this: ... -3351.html - I've had great results, using a mix of two 6500K/two ~3000K bulbs.

For what you want, you may want to look into HID lighting, either a Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium light. These kinds of lights are not something I've used personally, though.
By Veronis
Np, just keep in mind HID lights can run very hot - you'll want to think about the size of the greenhouse vs. temperature (as in Fahrenheit temp) of whatever light you get, and talk to someone who knows about the HID's prior to making a purchase.

The Quantum I linked does not put out as much heat as other comparable T5 setups, but puts out just as much light.

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