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By Chhewy
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to share pictures of my new plants that just came in today :D . Leah was right I love them here are some pictures. Hopefully they will open up fine and color up nicely with time. I will probably grow these guys inside. Thanks so much Leah and Matt for the extra one also! Here are some pictures :D .
By Chhewy
Yes the bottom photo is also A2 im pretty excited to see how these guys will do inside, I'm growing most of my plants outdoor and they seem to be doing well, although its very hot here in southern california now.
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By Matt
Looks good in its new home chhewy! That A2 was one of the largest and nicest looking flytraps we had in the greenhouses. Glad it went to a good home :)
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By Matt
Like most flytraps, A2 puts out upright growth early in the season and then transitions to low lying growth later in the summer.

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