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List the plants you grow

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By plantman1001
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Grow list, I have some more stuff that I need to put on here!

Darlingtonia californica

Utricularia tricolor
Utricularia sandersonii 'Blue'

D. rotundifolia
D. capensis albanarrow leaf
D. capensis narrow leaf
D. capensis narrow red leaf
D. capensis wide leaf
D. adelae
D spatulata feraser island
D spatulata ‘South Africa’
D. spatulata
D. spatulata ‘Tanlin’
D spatulata ‘Monster’
D. filiformis ssp. tracyi
D. filiformis
D.intermedia x filiformis
D. intermedia
D. brevifolia
D. burmannii
D. aliciae
D. binata var. dichotoma
D. Binata var. Master Dragon
D. capillaries
D. rotundifolia
D.Occidentalis x Pulchella

P.moranensis G.
P.agnata True blue
P. moranensis

Cephalotus follicularis

Stylidum Debile

Heliamphora Heterodoxa x Minor

D. muscipula Dente
D. muscipula Red Dragon
D. muscipula cup trap
D. muscipula B52
D.long Red Fingers
D Big mouth
D.Pink venus
D.Justan Daveus
D. low giant
D. Maroon Monster
D.Red Piranha
D.czegh Giant
D. Fine Tooth x Red
D. Fuzzy Tooth ( could have died)
D. Dutch Delight

S. flava
S. flava Copper Top
S. flava rugelii
S. purpurea ssp.
S. rubra
S. x Dana's Delight
S. x Judith Hindle
S x scarlett belle
S. psittacina
S. leucophylla
S. leucophylla Tarnok
S. oreophila
S.minor x minor 'Okee Giant'
S.alataX minor
S. rubra
S.'Hummer's Hammerhead'
S.Purpurea x Psittacina
S.(rubra x oreophila) x purpurea'burkeii' (one of my favorites )
Many complex hybrids (25?) that I don’t have time to put on here!

N. singalana
N. ventricosa
N.vantricosa x maxima
N. Ampullaria Green
N.Ampullaria Spotted
N.Alata x Maxima
N.Veitchii Bareo Golden
N.Viking x Ampullaria
N truncata
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By Matt
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Hello Jake and welcome to FlytrapCare! That's a very nice list of plants you grow :)
By Aging_Bourbon
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Welcome Jake! :D amazing grow list :D
By pieguy452
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That's a big grow list, lots of droseras!
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