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By Shes Crofty
Anyone carve any pumpkins this year? I really enjoy carving pumpkins but haven't had the time the past few years, but I had time this year!

Our idea was to get 3 pumpkins and all carve them with Batman/Arkham City video game in mind.. my fiance wanted to do the Bat Signal/Symbol, and I wanted to carve The Riddler and Batman. Unfortunately the bat signal didn't make it due to impatience, RIP bat signal pumpkin.. lol.

In the end, I am pretty happy with the outcome of both my pumpkins. I wasn't expecting anything near this awesome because I haven't carved a pumpkin in quite a few years.




If anyone carved any pumpkins this year, I would love to see! Please share!
By Jaws
Great carvings :), im lucky (not done one this year) if a basic pumpkin face turns out ok when i have a go :D.
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By Shes Crofty
Great carvings :), im lucky (not done one this year) if a basic pumpkin face turns out ok when i have a go :D.

Thank you! We really like Batman in this house, we even have a giant plastic Batman action figure.. lol.

Faces are awesome though! Some of our neighbors have made some really great funny face carvings. I was thinking about doing Jack Skellington face but it looked kinda hard!
By Shes Crofty
Thanks guys for the kind words!

Those are amazing. How do you get such good detail?
Why didn't you do a Joker??? :o

I wanted to do a Joker so badly, but I don't know how to make my own pumpkin stencil. So I googled all over for spray paint stencils; the only spray paint stencils I could find were of Heath Ledger's Joker, and I wanted the Joker from the cartoon series I watched as a kid. :) (don't get me wrong, he was awesome)I'm picky! My second choice after joker was Scarecrow, since he's MY favorite Batman villain, but that seemed WAY too hard to attempt to make on my own. So I did my fiance's favorite villain, my favorite version of, The Riddler!

How I get a bunch of detail is I scrape the pumpkin so much that I scrape the pumpkin wall until it's really thin, about an inch-1/2inch thick. That makes it incredibly easy to carve out the smallest details, but it causes the image on the pumpkin to droop quicker. I did both of these over the course of the 29th, 30th, and Halloween day to avoid drooping.

Something funny...we weren't feeling well so we left out a bowl of candy and we have a small window next to our door where we put a 2ft tall Batman action figure for the night.. with a sign that told kids to "be kind and leave some candy for others", because Batman was watching. We heard some parents go "Only take one honey, Batman is watching you, see!" I thought it was cute.

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