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By Matt
The results of the Sixth FlytrapCare photo contest are in!

First place goes to "Dubstep13's Drosera capensis flower":
Dubstep13 lives in the US, so he'll receive a Dionaea muscipula "Trichterfalle" and a FlytrapStore T-shirt!

Additionally, for being the top overall finisher in the US, he receives his choice of one of the following:
* A Kitchen Culture Kit DVD
* 10ml of PPM (Plant Preservative Mixture)

In second place is "devon's Drosera sp. "Lantua Island"":
Devon resides in Canada and will receive a Heliamphora minor and a FlytrapStore T-Shirt! Devon, please contact hackberry to get your plant prize.

Third place goes to "RL7836's Sarracenia leucophylla":
RL7836 resides in the US and will receive a Cephalotus follicularis and a FlytrapStore T-Shirt!

And the top finisher in the EU, who will receive a set of 5 utricularia from moof (Peter), is
SnapSnapIOM's Drosera scorpioides
SnapSnapIOM, please contact moof to get your prize.

All winners please email me ( the address you would like your prizes shipped to. Congratulations to all the winners!

A big thank you to all who participated and voted in the contest! As usual, there were many great photos and choosing just three of them to vote for was challenging!
Congratulations to all the winners very nice pictures. I just realized that the prey mantis has another bug, I think that makes the picture even better. Awesome job guys. Also, thank you to those who donated prizes. I didn't even enter the competition and I'm still thankful for your willingness to share.
Congratulations to the other winners!! Thanks to Matt & Steve for hosting a great contest & thanks to everyone who voted, participated, shared their thoughts & donated prizes! :D ;)
I just realized that the prey mantis has another bug,
Yup - it's a brown marmorated stink bug, a really nasty-smelling bug that invades our home each fall - hundreds of bugs climbing all over our windows & doors trying to get inside (and many succeed). If I could, I'd give this praying mantis a medal!

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