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By TruncataGuy
I saw a place that you can buy a Truncata Queen of Hearts x King of Spade. The only problem is that it's in the UK and I'm from Miami FL. Will customs destroy the plant? Can the plant even survive the journey? It seems that ordering from the UK is a lot cheaper than ordering from the US.
By Grey
If you buy plants from the UK and are living in the USA you will need a phytosanitary permit and appropriate inspections to be done before the plant can be shipped to you. These are to make sure the plant is free of pests, infections, viruses and the like that could spread to local flora.

I think with Nepenthes there is a second certificate you need but I don't know for certain; if you can handle all the techincal jargon you could try a google search but in the meantime I'd like to give you links to a topic regarding what we currently know about permits:

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By stitz25b
i second that
bying over seas is a pain
there shoud be plants in the usa that ucould get
just keep looking
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