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By Dionae
I just won a couple of sarrs crosses, SXM16 S.x Moorei -- Green tube, red lid x SFA08 S. flava var. atropurpurea -- all red tube,Blackwater River State Forest, Florida and SFRB28 S. flava var. rubricorpora -- Apalachicola,W,(F56,JA)(F75,MK)x SFO24 S. flava var. ornata -- haevy veined Potterton and Martin J.Welham.

I was wondering if the seeds would produce offspring similar to the parents or could the hybrids look totally different from the parents?
have they got flowers that are pollinated ?? you want to cross pollinate them ?? or your thinking of crossing them ?? complex hybrids some times are not all that good looking , really depending on the parents and if the dominate parent is the one your looking for !!.
I have found self pollination with hybrids a much better option , rather than getting some not so good or weird look cross , often the multi crosses dont work too well and the strongest parent will dominate in the off spring or have just some trates of the other in it that can be hard to pick ,some like those sarras you get with no names what no one can tell what the crosses are you get in the big nursery !! and really dont look all that good !!S.purp x flava x ????? x ???? type , and if it has purp in it the its not usually going to be a tall , so what are you looking for ??
I was wondering if the seeds would produce offspring similar to the parents or could the hybrids look totally different from the parents?[quote="Dionae"]

Hi John! I'm not trying to make a hybrid. I bought these hybrids. I was just hoping that i'd get a plant somewhere in between the 2 parents. Are my chances of getting something nice looking really slim?[/quote

uumm sorry must be thick as here !! still not sure what you want to do?? you got some thing in mind i know but i not getting what you are trying to do or achieve !!
By Eric
Well in hybrid crosses that involve only 2 parents (Example: Sarracenia Purpurea X Flava) Half of the offspring will lean more toward one of the parents and the other half will be intermediate between the two. :) Hoped this helped!
I'm just wondering what the chances are that the seeds I bought, which are hybrids, will produce something that is a mix between the 2 parents. I'm not really trying to achieve anything. Just curious about the different phenotypes that may express themselves in the hybrids.

ok i see sorry i though u got plants ?? ok the fist too will have a nice cross with not overly tall pitchers , and good colour , not sure what colour will dominate , hope the red for you, the other one will be a ripper , with tall pitchers and great deep colours very strong quick growth too, rubricorpora and ornata , are strong thick growing pitchers , this is my pick to be the better plant
first may look similar to this ... -3064.html and is

second you should find what it looks like here ... -2849.html
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