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By Steve_D
if I did opt to give the Mystery Box another try, what is to say I don't get 5 more cupped traps or czech giants?

Nothing, unfortunately. There is no way to assure that you won't receive exactly the same plants again, although that may seem unlikely. It depends upon the circumstances at the time. We don't keep track of what we have shipped to each and every person who orders a Mystery Box. So if you are afraid of receiving more of the same plants, it might be best to order specific plants instead of the unknown of a Mystery Box. :)
By Dubstep13
all cultivars pretty much need the same care and conditions, yea give the bundles a try they dont dissapoint cus you know what your getting and the quality is prime!
Even if all the VFT in the mystery box were "typicals", I still think its a killer deal! I'm going to buy some mystery boxes soon. Who knows, maybe I'll get something cool like a switch blade....
By DragonflyGuy
Just got my Mystery Box of 10 in the mail today after ordering late evening last Thursday. I'm pretty happy with what was sent. I actually got more than 10! 3 Fangs, 3 Giant Czechs, and 6 young Pink VFTs. One of the Fangs also seems to be in the process of splitting. Thanks guys! I really can't wait to see those Pink VFTs mature.

This is a great product for someone who is just starting a CP collection. I decided I was ready for some more varieties after successfully raising a sickly light starved store bought Typical VFT into a monstrosity after one year.

Quick question. Some of the Pink VFTs look awfully small. Is it safe for them to go into dormancy this year?
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By Steve_D
Some of the Pink VFTs look awfully small. Is it safe for them to go into dormancy this year?

Yes. Those Pink VFTs are very probably the "Pink Venus" clone (the labels included should say, "Dionaea muscipula Pink Venus"). Pink Venus is naturally slow growing and somewhat smaller than most other Venus Flytrap clones. It's a beautiful plant, especially as it matures, and the traps can get a lot bigger at maturity than they are when the plant is young. But although the Pink Venus plants might appear small now, they are for the most part as mature as the larger Czech Giant and Fang Venus Flytraps. All of them can and probably should experience dormancy this winter. There is still quite a lot of good growing season left, however. My Venus Flytraps in New Mexico, US, usually don't begin to go into dormancy until mid November, another 2.5 months from now (late August).

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