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By jamez
I have a 22 year old one. I usually sell them off before they get old. It has 1.75" traps now and 6.25" petioles. They produce A LOT when they get that old. I have over 60 plants from it. The leaves have a lot of grain in it, and it dries out more than my other plants. Doesn't have good color.
By 95slvrZ28
Bob Ziemer has a clone that he has been growing since 1955. I believe both Matt and Steve have divisions of it and I can only assume the original plant, and divisions are still going strong.
By bananaman
You can perpetuate a single clone indefinitely thorough division, micropropagation, or cuttings. I believe one single plant can live for 50 years or so...

But that is just a guess!
In the wild they probably do not get very old, but if cared for correctly, they will live to their maximum lifespan (which I assume is 50 years or so...)
By NelsonR
Its hard to tell, becouse the VFT's like to divide quite often (atleast mine do) and mine divide by three, so theorically I get three new plants every time they divide, so saying that my oldest vft is 8 months old, a leaf pulling.

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