Distilled water Ph and making distilled water ?

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Distilled water Ph and making distilled water ?

by roarke » Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:13 am

Is distilled water with a ph between 5,5 - 7,0 good ? It says on the bottle that there is no minerals and is made trough ions (made trough ions are not ad litteram). And really if i make distilled water like the examples from youtube or from the internet, from condensing, is distilled water ? No minerals will remain in the condensation ? I will try with this with the water from a air conditioner, because no microorganism is in standing water from an air conditioner. Don't know about minerals, trough. Below is an image with the water from a air conditioner at at 96X - 144X (it has some dead microorganisms in it). The clip i made is at 96X - 144X with standing tap water and has microorganisms.
Clip :

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